Welcome to the Wainfleet & District Sporting Motorcycle Club website.


The Wainfleet club was formed in 1990 by a small group of riders, ex-riders and long established local fans to run grasstracks. Grasstrack first started in the early nineteen-hundreds and was based around motorcycle clubs. Events normally took place on a Sunday, the club would find a farmer who would let them use their field, mark out a very basic track and the Riders would use their road bikes to race.

The bikes used today are specific racing bikes and are more sophisticated. With frame builders for Solo and Sidecar. R/H Sidecars mainly use 1000cc multi-cylinder Japanese engines, but Solos have specifically designed racing engines.

Today Grasstrack racing is strictly governed in Great Britain, with its rules and regulations enforced by the Auto Cycle Union (A.C.U.) its governing body. The A.C.U. in turn is answerable to the Federation International Motorcycling (F.I.M.). The international organisation, which controls all motorcycle racing world-wide.

Starting in 1990 the Wainfleet Club ran several successful club meetings (centre meetings), permits issued by East Midlands Centre A.C.U. They established a reputation for quality meetings and achieved National status with the first Lincolnshire Poacher in 1992. In 1998 when a new field was found big enough for 1000 metre long track the Lincolnshire Poacher was upgraded to an International event.

Although the club members give their time and energy willingly on an unpaid voluntary basis, the Wainfleet Club, like most other clubs, have found the costs of promoting these prestigious events escalating enormously, the cost of the land hire, insurances, P.A. Systems, modern toilets and medics etc. A meeting was held to see how we could attract more spectators and sponsorship to probably the most exciting form of off-road disciplines. With thrilling sideways action of solos, and the raw power and sheer speed of the 1000cc Sidecars, both reaching speeds of up to 100 MPH at International events and between 70 to 80 MPH at club events. A suggestion was made of a name change to make it sound as exciting and thrilling as it is and so Super Speedtrack Racing was formed as a new name for Wainfleet Grasstrack.